Great New Australasian Mine Disaster

12th December 2022
Today is the 140th anniversary of the great disaster that overcame the miners working in the New Australasian Mine in Creswick. This is still the worst mining disaster in Australia. On 12th December 1882 flooding caused 22 men employed underground to lose their lives. Only 5 men survived this event.
Those who gave their lives were Christian Frederick Fisher, James Carmody, George Baulcomb, Nathaniel Trescowthick, Michael Hayes, John Gower, William Curtis, James Minahan, William Tregloan, Edward Campon Dargon, Anton Andersson, John Henry Crougey, James Mitchell Temby, James O'Shea, Carle Waldemar Theodor Serrurier, Thomas Penbertha Chegwin, Abraham Wyatt, Jabez Bellingham, John Tom Clifton, Edward Wood, Benjamin Bellingham, John Thomas Hodge. Their ages ranged from 55 years down to 18 in the order given above.

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