The Creswick and District Historical Society is rightfully proud of Creswick’s heritage which particularly in recent years, has been notated in a number of walking/driving tours of sites and items of historic interest.

These include our own Let’s Stroll And See,  which commences at The British Hotel, and The David Henderson Map, which details the former areas of ‘mining activity, creeks, sluice dams,  hills,  gullies,  and other places  in the original Township and Shire of Creswick.  The 'Society considers the map quite unique.

Welcome to Creswick, The Home of The Lindsays’ Art Trail is an introduction to the lives of that inimitable family of artists; particularly Percy,  Lionel,  Norman,  Ruby,  and Daryl.  This tour was initiated by Business & Tourism Creswick Inc., which also prepared information and a detailed map of The Buried Rivers of Gold: the Deep Lead goldfields that yielded so much of the precious metal.

Details of these tours, and other Creswick interests, are available from the Information Centre in Cooper’s Reserve (Albert Street).

Black Lead Sluicing - Creswick Historical Society
Creswick Historical Sites - Creswick Historical Society
David Henderson Map - Creswick Historical Society
Lindsays' Art Trail - Creswick Historical Society

Honour Roll - Creswick Historical Society

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